Wednesday, January 26


You just wait for daylight, without closing one eye in the dark. Only because you're afraid of returning to the same. That's the fear that talks when you don't want to hear. When you can't even say your name and the I becomes a broken mirror, just a little thing.
Leaving everything behind, you lock yourself in your bedroom waiting for a tomorrow that never comes. Because in the end you're always alone. Because every time you look in that mirror you're facing an enemy that doesn't exist ... 
Because that's you blinded by the ecstasy.
You're still listening to the fear, the voiceless fear that whispers in your head without understanding why.
And it's the same again and again...
No matter how many raindrops have fallen last night. Nobody knows how many times have you holding your breath that time. When no one turns to see if you exist, what matters how much it was raining and how cold were ...the tears.
You're still intoxicated by the red ice.
And I'm waiting for you to die.

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